nathan mantor photography

Nathan Mantor Photography


I am a Nashville TN based photographer. I’ve been behind the camera since around 2003. It all started out like any other photographer, with camera just taking shots for fun and art purposes and then morphed into a bigger idea.  Photography for me is like music to a musician, it doesn’t feel like a job.  That’s what makes it so appealing and made me want to pursue it as a full time entity.

Shooting real estate is something I never realized would be so creative and fun. I try to take photos from an architectural point of view, which is capturing the design or craftsmanship of the home, so the potential home buyer can appreciate the space and visualize what they would do with the home so it entices them to connect to the home and that hopefully leads to a purchase, which is a win for all involved.

When it comes to products photography, I work with clients to get the ideas they are looking for, to have a final image of what is beyond what they imagined.  I can shoot as basic as a white isolated image to as complex as a staged set up.

No matter what I’m shooting, I always give 100% and be as creative as I can to make the final image something that not only goes above expectations, but delivers an image or images that aren’t “just another photo of…”.


nathan mantor photography