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I’ve been shooting for FTD Customs for almost two years now. I started out doing a few of their wheels as they were making the transition to create more custom motorcycle wheels. Then that went to photographing their entire inventory for their website and advertising. They started to grow and grow the business to create unique custom wheels for all brands of motorcycles as well as extension kits for sport bikes, all fabricated at their Hendersonville, TN location. To date I’ve shot over 50 custom wheels in various combinations from all chrome to the unique all black powder coated, perfect for the new Harley-Davidson bikes that are their Dark Custom collection. They also hot all the major bike rally’s from Panama City Beach, Daytona and the mecca Sturgis Rally.

I was given full creative range to come up with the look for the wheels. So I looked around to see what the market trend was, and it was really kind of bland. There were some companies that had ok to good looking product shots, but overall the scene was non existent. So I tried to use some creativity with the wheels so that when posting to Facebook or other sites it would really pop and stand out in peoples feeds among all the posts from others. So I put the wheels on a black background at first, and some look really good with simple white or black backgrounds, but it wasn’t enough to really pop, so I added a color burst behind the wheel on black using FTD’s red in their logo, and Mike, the owner, really dug it and used it as a template for all the wheels going forward. Not only did he like the images, but it turns out the competition did too, they used the same template I did to promote their wheels as well. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

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