Nashville Real Estate Photographer

Being a Nashville real estate photographer is a niche market of photography that isn’t over saturated at the moment. There could be a few reasons why, one of those being that the real estate market took a huge hit several years ago and is still recovering. Luckily, Nashville was a market that didn’t get hit too hard and is doing better than most cities in the United States with the recovery. Real estate is something that most don’t think about needing photography, they think taking a few pictures on their phone and posting them to the listing online will be good enough.

Nashville Real Estate Photography

But I think that’s wrong, very wrong. I saw a quote about real estate photography that really made sense, and that was “Why does McDonald’s spend millions on photographing a $4 hamburger? To SELL it!”  So why would someone selling a $200,000 – multi million dollar home rely on amateur, low resolution, poorly lit photos to try and sell it?

Nashville Real Estate Photography

Photographs are a call to action! The internet has revolutionized the real estate market. People go to Zillow or Trulia first now days to browse homes, and if you have a main profile pic of a house for sale that is a snapshot next to a professional photo, people will click the pro pic first. It’s a subconscious call to action.

Nashville Real Estate Photography

I provide wide angle, properly exposed photos of home interiors using off camera flash or long exposure to let the natural light in, depending on the room. I also shoot the exteriors during the day and can shoot twilight as well. All images are edited but are never altered to misrepresent the property. All images are high resolution so when potential clients click on them they are nice and large and in detail. I’ve seen terrible things browsing homes to see what is out there. Small photos of a big house is an automatic NEXT HOUSE!

Twilight images are above and beyond and highly recommended. It’s a magical shot that takes work and post production editing, but in the end is a great showcase photo to get that first click from a client.

Below is a portfolio of homes I’ve shot.

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