Nashville Wedding Photography | Natalie + Heath’s Wedding at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville.

Cheekwood Gardens is such a beautiful place to have a wedding in Nashville.  There are so many spots for great photos.  We not only shot the wedding but their engagement session here as well.  The engagement was done during the spring when all the flowers were blooming, and Cheekwood is one of Nashville’s most beautiful places in the spring, which makes for a great backdrop for any photography session.  Heath and Natalie make a great couple, we were super excited about capturing their day!

It was a bit warm on their wedding day, but at least there was no rain or thunderstorms in the forecast.  Outdoor ceremonies always have an element of risk to them especially in Tennessee, one minute its hot and sunny, then the next it’s raining and thundering.

The ceremony was downtown Nashville in an event space on top of Broadway, so everyone had a nice birds eye view of lower Broadway.  It is a nice venue for wedding receptions.

Side note: I’ve been living in the south since 1993, and had always heard about chiggers, but never knew what they were… until going shooting behind the main office.  Exactly 24 hours after the wedding, we started itching, bad.  We thought it was fleas from our dog but after checking her and finding nothing we were perplexed.  Then after a little bit of Googling we determined it was in fact, chiggers.  Wow.  They are basically like chicken pox – a week of itching!  However,  I’ll take a little itching to get some of the photos we wound up with any day!

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