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This is a portfolio of wedding images shot around the Nashville area and a few in Kentucky that I have taken over the years.  I made the decision to venture into the wedding business after seeing where the images from top photographers were going.  They were amazing and breath taking images of art capturing one of life’s biggest events. I knew I wanted to take those kind of images. So I set out to try and learn my craft. I started assisting for one of Nashville’s top wedding photographers. Through them I learned so much and saw how they did it; not only taking the photos, but managing the day and working with couples and their families.  Also, I got to work at the best wedding venues Nashville has to offer, so I know the best places they offer to go to get great images.

When choosing a wedding photographer it’s more than what kind of images they provide, it’s how much experience they have not only in photography but time management to make sure you get those breath taking images. I’ve worked weddings for couples that have a wedding planner and they do the footwork before hand to map out the entire day for everyone, but the majority of the couples I’ve had the pleasure of capturing don’t have wedding planners, this is important because that places time management squarely on me. This is something that most couples don’t really think about, because they only see weddings from the outside, and I’m “behind the scenes” so to speak, so I work with couples before the wedding day to come up with a loose time line of events and when and where we should be at what time. It’s a loose structure because almost always, there’s something that throws the timeline off! It could be a late bride or groom or worse, a late hair and makeup person or cake or flowers, the list is endless, but I’ve seen a lot.  Because of that, I always have a plan and a plan B, because you never know what will happen the day of!

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